Freed Innocents

By using DNA testing and other non-DNA evidence of actual innocence, these individuals have been proven factually innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. Click on their picture to read their story. 


James Bain

Cheydrick Britt

Andre Bryant

Orlando Boquete

Larry Bostic

Anthony Caravella

Alan Crotzer

Leonard Cure

Cody Davis

Wilton Dedge

Luis Diaz

Dwight Dubose

William Dillon

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Robert DuBoise

Chad Heins

Frank Lee Smith

Jules Letemps


Dean McKee

Jerry Frank Townsend

Derrick Williams

Hubert Nathan Myers

and Clifford Williams

Learn more about the individuals total who have been proven innocent and exonerated in Florida.  


Also, learn about the people who have been proven innocent and exonerated from Florida’s Death Row, including the following highlighted cases:

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