Dean McKee (left) and Nathan Myers (right) were reunited as free men. Nearly 73 years in prison between them, Dean and Nathan were both exonerated this year. 

Thank you for a remarkable year.


In 2019 four more innocent people walked free from prison as a result of the Innocence Project of Florida's dedicated representation and your continued advocacy and investment in what we do.

This year IPF was able to fully exonerate Dean McKee after 30 years wrongfully imprisoned. Nathan Myers was walked to freedom in March alongside his uncle Clifford Williams after nearly 43 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. IPF also brought home Edward Taylor after 33 years in prison and innocent.

The stories of those who survive and walk free after wrongful convictions are grievous. Some try for decades without a turning point, many come to us as a last resort, the final appeal for freedom. 

We have had many reasons to celebrate this year, and for that we are thankful. Yet each day dozens of letters arrive in our mailbox, more people in our state reach out for help, and our work cannot rest.

Contribute to our year end campaign in the way that works best for you and help our organization reach more innocent men and women in prison in 2020. 



We have had a number of reasons to celebrate this year and the work that we have done together. 

2019 was a remarkable year for our organization. We couldn't have achieved the things we have this year without critical advocacy, funding and support from individuals like you. Your compassion and investment in our work allows us to bring more wrongfully convicted

people home from prison each year.


Cases can take years to move through the criminal legal process, as evidenced by some of the people who came home this year.


Dean McKee was fully exonerated after 30 years wrongfully imprisoned.


Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams were exonerated after nearly 43 years, and the first led by a Conviction Integrity Unit in the state of Florida.


 Edward Taylor came home after 33 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

IPF not only works to bring home innocent prisoners, but to prevent wrongful convictions from happening by advocating and advancing laws that can impact the contributing factors of wrongful convictions. In 2019 we are focused on two initiatives.

First, We are actively advocating this legislative session to change the law in Florida to prevent wrongful convictions that result from false and coerced confessions by mandating all law enforcement agencies record interrogations in full. More here.

We are also challenging Florida's compensation law for the wrongfully convicted to help ensure that each and every freed person is eligible for compensation. As it stands, those with more than one unrelated prior conviction are disqualified by the "clean hands" provision. Read more.


2019 was a remarkable year of growth for the movement to recognize and rectify wrongful convictions, thank you for being a part of making these victories possible. On the uplifting days when one innocent person walks free, a dozen more letters arrive in our mailbox and we are soon reminded we must continue.



It takes dozens of actors to put an innocent person in prison, it will take a community to get the same person out.

Take action now to ensure our services are available at no cost to all who are wrongfully imprisoned and waiting to come home in Florida.

There are many ways to support our mission - both financial and non-donation based. Everyone has something to give - find what fits you best and advance our mission to find and free innocent people in Florida's prisons.

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Fraud Alert: We have heard that there are people who fraudulently represent themselves as working for the Innocence Project of Florida, promising legal representation in exchange for money. These people do not work for the Innocence Project of Florida. If you believe you have been contacted by such a person, please contact us. The Innocence Project of Florida provides all legal representation for free. While we rely on charitable donations to support our work, we never solicit money for our services from our clients.

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