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The story of this year on the surface is one of difficulties and division, but a closer look reveals countless instances where we have witnessed community, care and concern for each other, and innovations to overcome these challenging times. This year has connected us in new ways and reminded us what is most important in our lives. Together and with persistence, we have made it here, and we want to celebrate some of the good with you.

Against all odds, this year was the most successful one in the history of the Innocence Project of Florida.


Our success is only made possible because of thousands of individual donors who have stood by our side. We have weathered this year, and you can play a critical role in paving the way for our continued pursuit of justice in the face of hardships before us.

Our community supported us without doubt or delay when these difficult times began. The uncertainty of the future and the climate of the nation demands we persist in our work to find and free the innocent, and reform the criminal legal system to prevent wrongful convictions. We need to join together in pursuit of justice. This work cannot wait. 


Contribute to our year-end campaign in the way that works best for you and help IPF reach more innocent people in prison in 2021.

Thank you for a remarkable year.

IPF helped bring home four innocent people from prison in 2020; Leonard Cure, 16 years imprisoned, came home April 14th; Stephanie Spurgeon, 10 years imprisoned, came home August 3rd; Amanda Brumfield, 9 years imprisoned, came home September 4th; and Robert DuBoise, 37 years imprisoned, came home September 14th. All of them now safe from the spreading pandemic in the prison system.

We have even more to celebrate. Exonerees Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams were compensated for the 43 years they were wrongfully imprisoned. Dean and Danie McKee opened their own small business and wed, just a year after his exoneration. Chad Heins and his partner Amy welcomed a baby girl to the world. Twenty-five individuals serving harsh drug sentences were re-sentenced and reunited with their families through a partnership between IPF and prosecutors in Broward County.

We couldn't have achieved the things we have this year without critical advocacy, funding and support from individuals like you. Your compassion and investment in our work allows us to bring more wrongfully convicted people home from prison each year.


2020 Review


“Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.”

Jesse Owens

It takes dozens of actors to put an innocent person in prison, and it takes a community to get the same person out. Ensure our services are available long into the future to fight for those who are wrongfully imprisoned and waiting to come home in our state by making an investment in our work. Your donation and advocacy directly supports the wrongfully imprisoned.

There are many ways to support our mission - both financial and non-donation based. Everyone has something to give - find what fits you best and advance our mission to find and free innocent people in Florida's prisons.

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Our continued operation and success depends on the generosity and financial support of friends, like you.

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