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Free to Celebrate

In front of the cathedral in León, Spain, with friends

As write this, I am in Villafranca del Bierzo on the eve of Easter and after 24 days of walking more than 600 km across Spain thus far. While I am not Catholic or Christian and don’t celebrate Easter, it has been a unique cultural experience to be here during Semana Santa (Holy Week). I’ve been in larger cities and smaller towns and been able to experience the processions, religious observations and drink the traditional sangria-like beverage, called Lemonada, that is served only during Semana Santa. 

It makes me think back to how special it was when my wife, son, our dog and I visited with Dean and Danie McKee on Dean’s first Easter after his release. We fought together—me, former Staff Attorney Melissa Montle, Danie and Dean’s families, and Dean on the inside—for so long so he could be free and be able to share the holidays with people he loved. It was an honor to sit his living room, eat Easter lunch and just chill, in freedom.

Dean McKee (left) hugs Seth at a Stand Up for Innocence comedy event

The experience this week in Spain and experiences like sharing a holiday with a client, brings into stark relief all that our still-incarcerated clients miss. It’s a privilege to be free to experience holidays and a tragedy that such critical parts of life that many of us take for granted are stripped from our clients while they are forced to endure a wrongful incarceration.

It’s why we fight to free them so they can enjoy the simple things that connect us all, like being with family on the holidays. 

My time here in Spain is quickly approaching its end. I have a week until Santiago and less than a week until the ocean. I can’t want to complete this journey, see my family again and get back to doing the important work of reuniting people with their families.

Please continue to watch my daily videos on my Instagram @_walkwtihseth.

Buen Camino!


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